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3DCoat PBR Smart Materials Wood YouTube
3D-Coat PBR Smart Materials (Wood)
3D-Coat PBR Smart Materials (Metal Brass)
My smart PBR material (3D-Coat)
Blender Materials to 3D Coat PBR Smart Materials
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3D Coat tutorial : How to add your own Smart Materials
3d Coat - Using Smart Materials and Multiple Objects
3D Coat 4.5 B9 PBR Test
Texturizado rapido con PBR en 3D Coat
[YGGGAME] Basic Painting 3DCoat Tutorial 02
Blender 3D-Coat Tutorial : Create a Kettlebell with PBR materials - YouTube
Making of ice/snow - 3D Coat SSS beta test
3D Coat PBR Wood Test Pack_01
Welcome to 3D-Coat: Part 5 (Brush Options)
Stylized Rocks: 3D-Coat to Unity Workflow
Materials in 3D Coat
Unwrapping and Texturing in 3D Coat (Part 4)
3DCoat PBR Material: Various_02
3DCoat Test material Bricks
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PBR texturing in 3D Coat Tutorial
3D Coat - Overview of shaders
3DCoat Shaders PBR
Blender and 3D-Coat PBR shader tutorial
3D Coat Texturing backpack
ArtStation - HAND PAINTED PROCEDURAL PBR smart materials BASED ON BLIZZARDS STYLE (textured / coloured / etc), Michael Bitsakis
PBR Workflow in CryEngine - Mossy Wood
3D Coat Gun Modelling (Part 1)
painted only with smart materials inside 3D Coat
3D Coat - The Gun (Part 5/5)
M. Е. (Binoculars, Pump) 3D-Coat texturing
PBR Demo in 3D Coat - YouTube
3D-Coat - Voxel Scrape
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Low poly modeling with Blender & 3D-Coat
texturize a 3d tank model with 3dCoat part 1
Shell Tool. 3DCoat
Substance Painter pbr materials in 3DS Max Viewport
PBR materials 3D coat: first impressions
3D Coat & Marmoset Toolbag PBR
3D Coat UV Tutorial Hard Surface Basics
3D-Coat PBR Smart Materials (Metal Brass)
Smart Materials in 3d Coat. PBR all the things. [Part 1]
3D-Coat: Cloth Tool
Original cover showing the reference images for making the smart materials. All credits go to the original artists
Buenos Aires
3D Coat 4.5- Volume #20- PBR & Smart Materials ...
SMART PBR PRO Shader Node [$]
Converting traditional maps to PBR materials
3D Coat autoretopo tutorial
Sculpting in 3D Coat Basics: LIVE TUTORIAL - YouTube
Hello everyone!
3D COat Tutorial Smart Material creating a Vr..
Replica 3d model for the cover and painted ONLY with smart materials.
Blender and 3D-Coat workflow for PBR texturing
When creating these base materials, we usually exclude fine detail, such as texture, cracks, scratches, wrinkles, etc. Our focus is on the overall material ...
Viscorbel - Old N Dirty Vray Materials 16 example 4 painted wood
See Also: Real Displacement Textures Vol 4
If we take a closer look at one of the materials, the wood in this case, you'll see a nice base created entirely in Substance Designer.
3d coat limited overview
Welding (3DCoat Smart Material)
Курс 'Материалы в 3D-Coat'. Часть 1.
3D Coat: Smart masks, smart materials
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Tutorial: 3D Prop Pipeline - Part 6 - Texturing in Substance Painter
Free Download Corona Materials
If we take a closer look at one of the materials, the wood in this case, you'll see a nice base created entirely in Substance Designer.
3D-Coat Part1: Overview
PBR Materials in 3D-Coat
VRay Tutorial: Using VRayDisplacementMod to Displace Objects Based on their Material - YouTube
[TUTORIAL] Gimp and 3DCoat Overlay mode FIX!
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More by Michael Bitsakis
【TEXTURE】Low Poly Game Asset, 3D COAT - Most Popular Videos
Autodesk's restructuring to affect 1,150 Workers.
3D-Coat - Voxels -Toothpaste
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What do you do besides 3D archviz?
Blender PBR UE4 Metal Shader (Free)