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ICCO Statement on Reports of a Cocoa Supply Deficit in
In the meantime, it believes that there is no cause for alarm regarding the availability of chocolate for consumers to enjoy.
ICCO Report October
Global supply and demand balance of cocoa Source: Author's c onstruct with data from ICCO
ICCO Report November Chart 1 - 2
2017/18 World Cocoa Production hit 4.645 million tons, off only 2% from last year's record production.
Trends in domestic and international price of cocoa
ICCO Report November Chart 3 - 4
Chocolate Makers Fight a Melting Supply of Cocoa
3 – Cocoa year 2013/2014 b/ Surplus/deficit: net world crop (gross crop adjusted for loss in weight) minus grindings
ICCO Report October 2
Trends in cocoa production, harvested area and yield
ICCO Monthly December 2014 I - II
2 – Cocoa year 2015/2016 b/ Surplus/deficit: net world crop (gross crop adjusted for loss in weight) minus grindings
Chocolate Makers Fight a Melting Supply of Cocoa
February 2015 Quarterly Bulletin of Cocoa Statistics
ICCO Monthly December 2014 table I
Global cocoa ending stocks are pegged 1.757 Million Metric Tons for 2017/18, 3rd Highest in History.
Is cocoa melting away or have shortfall predictions been overplayed?
ICCO Monthly December 2014 III
Because over 75% of the worlds cocoa supply comes from Africa, the majority of that from 4 West African nations.
Malaysia: Production and grindings of cocoa beans (tonnes), 1980-2014
Causal loop diagram of cocoa production system in Malaysia
Reviving the Cocoa Industry in Samoa 2016 | Howard H Frederick - Academia.edu
Cocoa supply chain of Ghana Source: Author's construct
Cocoa planning of Ghana: Yield gap Source: Author's construct with data from FAOSTAT (
Different policy simulation scenarios
Stock-flow diagram of cocoa bean inventory, price and grinding
The impact of major pests and diseases
... Small cocoa deficit expected for 2014/15: ICCO
ICCO responds to reports of cocoa shortages
'From Clean to Clear Label', 'Good Fats, Good Carbs' and 'More in Store for Protein' are three food trends examined in the latest 'T for Trends' webinar ...
ICCO: Production Surplus Means Cocoa Shortage Unlikely
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Sweet distraction, Cocoa shortage confusion remains
Cocoa surplus grows and Côte d'Ivoire to surpass the Netherlands as world's largest cocoa
... 3. The following document provides information on cocoa in ...
Workers fill sacks with cocoa beans in October at an agricultural cooperative in Guiglo, Ivory
... deficit by applying the palm oil model to cacao, to show that the stuff can be economically and reliably produced on an industrial scale, ...
Colombian cocoa“High quality and distinctive aroma” 2012 1; 2.
Cocoa prices have historically tended to decline as harvest of the West African main crop begins. Production Deficit?
A cocoa plant in Ogu State, southwest Nigeria. West Africa produces more than 70
Mars pressured by cocoa prices but no looming chocolate price increase due
.0 Cocoa derived export earnings as percentage of total exports (by value)
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Assessment ICCO
Value addition in cocoa exports from Ghana .
Global cocoa bean stocks in decline
... predicts ICCO; ADM to sell global cocoa business to Olam International for $1.3bn
ICCO cocoa bulletin
World Cocoa conference to raise key industry issues
FP1018_Cocoa_production_940_AB. Sweet news for chocolate ...
Cocoa pods in the Ivory Coast. West Africa begins in 2018 Main Crop Cocoa Harvest this month.
ICCO statement on Ebola
BEVERAGE – Eden Springs Spain announces acquisition from Pascual Corporation
Ghana Faces Huge Shortfall in Cocoa Crop
INFOGRAPHIC – Technomic spots five 2015 food trends for Canadian restaurants
Given the cocoa bean fundamentals described, the relationship between beans and products – i.e., the combo ratio – is unlikely to improve materially via a ...
Entrance to CV's quality lab
May 2019 Cocoa
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Cocoa production and daily price ('000 tonnes and $/tonne)
LBCs Supply Chain in Ghana
Cocoa, Organizations, Organisation, Organizers
.18: Visits by extension officer
Organoleptic (sensory) development characteristics station
Chocolate Makers Fight a Melting Supply of Cocoa
African farming: Initiatives about to increase cocoa yields | Financial Times
Cocoa trees in Ghana are inspected in May. Erratic cocoa output in the country spotlights
Approximately 60 percent of production is exported, either as raw cocoa beans or cocoa derivatives
... ICCO extends cocoa surplus · If consumers were charged 3% more for a chocolate bar, they would still pay '
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The IDH Cocoa Productivity and Quality Programme (CPQP) in Côte d'Ivoire. Impact assessment framework and baseline
(PDF) Resilience of the Cocoa Value Chain in Ghana-Final Report
ICCO cocoa forecasts
To ...
.2: COCOBOD grading system .
Cocoa production in Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Indonesia. 1983/84-
SCIENCE – Expert reaction to cocoa and cognition
ICCO projects cocoa deficits but no threat to supply
70 http://www.juntadelcafe.org.pe/documentos/jem/NL.jpg
COCOA BOARD of PNG's photo.
The generic SEVVS impact chain and the importance of context
Performance of pigs on experimental diets.
New York Board of Trade cocoa prices from 2000 to 2011
The composition of the Net FoB price in 2002-3
.3: Educational level of household head .
LÖFBERGS – Kobbs is up for a brand award
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