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June 2011 Archives in 2018 Pulp Art Masters
The Secret In The Sky
1,000 Brides For The Master Of Torture
SAUCY ROMANTIC ADVENTURES // vintage paperback erotic pulp cover art
Screenwriter Todd Alcott has been very busy since we introduced you to his hilarious Mid-Century Pulp Fiction Cover project last month.
We live in an era of genre. Browse through TV shows of the last decade to see what I mean: Horror, sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, futuristic dystopias…
"Adventure" " Vintage Pulp Men's Adventure Magazine | Male-Centric Pulp Art Illustration
June 2011 Archives. Pulp Fiction ...
While his name may not be familiar to the more casual pulp fan, he was a prolific and successful pulp writer who authored more ...
Original Art for Critically Acclaimed "Master Race" Comic Debuts at Heritage Auctions
Ms. Sedgwick's real life figure was much less voluptuous, but if the genre covers that sparked this project demonstrate anything, it's that sex sells.
Classic Songs by Bob Dylan Re-Imagined as Pulp Fiction Book Covers: "Like a Rolling Stone," "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall” & More | Open Culture
The Blonde-on-Blonde Chronicles continue with Rainy Day Women #12 & 35. Does it matter that the breast-plated, and for all practical purposes bottomless ...
Alcott gets some mileage out of another rain-based lyric on Maggie's Farm, a steamy rural romp whose creased cover is also part and parcel of the genre.
Marc Arsenault, Wow Cool:
caseoftheglamorousghost875 •button-150x150 The pulp fiction ...
What is Archival Paper?
Only if tongue's not firmly in cheek.
Joe Casey Does a Pulp/Historical Fiction Fiction Approach to a “Certain Young Nazarean
Analog Science Fiction and Fact
1933-10 Weird Tales by Margaret Brundage ...
This trend continued into the seventies, as you can see in the issue above, with a “complete short novel by Gordon Eklund” (and early fiction by George R.R. ...
Weird Tales
The New Grand Masters
Figure 1 Robert Rauschenberg in the Miami Herald archives, 1979. Photo attributed to John Doman.
February 2011 Archives
Haters gon' hate
Blood from a skull: cover art for "The Blaft Anthology of Tamil Pulp Fiction. "
Superhero fiction
Unsound 2018: Presence
Black Mask
Bruce Dean
... a series that is intermittently replete with historical significance for the field, innovative art for the time, and perfectly dreadful hackery in plot ...
Charles White ...
On-U Sound's Pay It All Back series returns
THE PULSE: Space Cops, Doctors and Mythology in New Releases for November 7th,
Born on July 5, 1893, Christian Schaare was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. After moving with his family to West Hoboken, New Jersey, Schaare trained as an ...
Preserving Memories: Paper Conservation Study in Italy - LMU Library News
In this Issue
Art by Dan Duncan; colors by Ronda Pattison.
Complete back issue archive now available digitally!
Clogs, pulp and pressed flowers: Rauschenberg and Richard de Bas
New York, NY—In 1976 composer Philip Glass and director Robert Wilson redefined opera with the debut in Avignon, France, of Einstein on the Beach.
Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica
Steampunk Hands Around the World 2018 – Master Link List
November 2018. girls of paper
20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale London, 9 March 2018
Cover of The Sandman No. 1 (January 1989). Art by Dave McKean.
Sophia Narrett
The Submarine Mystery
Visit us in Booth C217 at Context Art Miami!
I know nothing about Geoffroy Monde, but holy cow can this dude ever draw! Poussiere had me from the endpapers (above) in. Unlike the Ruppert and Mulot one, ...
February 5, 2015
Pulp magazine covers featuring L. Ron Hubbard stories
Best book covers of 2018
... 'Page 1' from the 'Pages and Fuses' series, 1974, in its custom perspex display case. Made from pressed paper pulp with embedded screenprinted fabric.
Charles White ...
The strips are a mix of quick blasts from established/overexposed masters - Chris Ware does the back cover, Spiegelman hacks out a few doodles, and yeah, ...
Archive Illuminating Perry's Trade Negotiations with Japan Comes to Auction
Kengo Kuma divides Archives Antoni Clavé with mesh screens dappled with paper pulp
Also in this Issue. Looking at Art
Walter Biggins is an acquisitions editor at the University of Georgia Press, and the co-author (with Daniel Couch) of Bob Mould's Workbook (Bloomsbury, ...
GALLA78254-2 cropped
2nd AIPH Annual Conference, Pisa – 11-15 June 2018 [DRAFT PROGRAM] – AIPH – Associazione Italiana di Public History
Hal Jespersen on “Civil War Cartography”
Operator ...
Inside the Gardner Case
A skeleton writing with a quill pen at a high desk
Reshooting 'Pulp Fiction' ...
Step in the Dark by Ethel Lina White. Redhead pulp novel cover. Pulp Fiction
... some of the most widely depicted creatures in children's literature, swoop into The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art from December 8, 2018 to April ...
2017-2018 Harper-Inglis Post Graduate Conservation Fellow Emilie Duncan, Book and Paper Conservation
comic the book by art spiegelman
Our current year is also the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Grand Master of Science Fiction ...
Also in this Issue
Art market[edit]
Nice Art: Paolo Rivera's "pulp" style Guardians of the Galaxy covers - The Beat
82_Boccaccio_lg copy.jpg
No more Spirit or pulp heroes at DC
Sadly it is the last show for Una gallery at the Everett Station lofts but they have provided a needed haven to see emerging POC and queer work.
It's time for another roundup for new and forthcoming YA (and sometimes not YA) books featuring LGBTQIA+ characters. The titles I'm including here have ...
Still, artists are the masters of the kind of exploration... here are my picks of the best things to see during this holiday.
Last and First Men covers the history of eighteen distinct human species over two billion years. Star Maker is even more ambitious; it narrates a history of ...
Berlin's Bauhaus-Archiv designed by Walter Gropius for "a vivid encounter with the Bauhaus"
120. February 2019
Swann Galleries to Offer Science Fiction Collection of Stanley Simon
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