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LEft Alexander II Alaxandair mac Uilliam King of
LEft: Alexander II (Alaxandair mac Uilliam) - King of Scots, 1214-
King Alexander II of Scotland
Pope Alexander II
800 years ago next week, a sixteen year old boy called Alaxandair mac Uilliam was crowned King of ...
Alexander "The Fierce" mac Maíl Coluim, King of Scots (c.1078 - 1124) - Genealogy
Alexander III of Scotland
James IV of Scotland
James II of Scotland
Alexander II (Alaxandair mac Uilliam) - King of Scots, 1214-49 Rei
James I of Scotland
David II of Scotland
James III of Scotland
"There stepped from out the crowd an old, old man": Alexander crowned as King of Scotland
Refer to caption. Coat of arms of Alexander II ...
Alexander III of Scotland
Alexander II (Alasdair mac Uilleim) (Alaxandair ...
The reverse of the seal of Alexander I, enhanced as a 19th-century steel engraving.
Statue of Alexander on the west door of St. Giles, Edinburgh
... of Malcolm III; 38.
Alexander III ( Alaxandair mac Alaxandair) - King of Scots,
On This Day In History: King Alexander II Was Crowned At Scone, Scotland – On Dec 6, 1214
Alexander ...
Ara Pacis: Altar In Rome Dedicated To Pax, The Roman Goddess Of Peace
Stephen, King of England his father the Crusader, Stephen II, Count of Blois
Alexander William Roberts
Alexander I (Alasdair mac ...
Skeleton Of Last Trojan Discovered – Ancient City Of Troy May Have Been A Religious Sanctuary – Archaeologists Say
Constantine, son of Áed (Medieval Gaelic: Constantín mac Áeda; Modern Gaelic: Còiseam mac Aoidh, known in most modern regnal lists as Constantine II; ...
Kenneth III of Scotland
William ...
Aodh Mac Alpin, King of the Picts, son of Kenneth Mac Alpin
William Alexander Anderson
The Bayeux Tapestry: William the Conqueror holds a papal gonfalon with a golden cross, a gift from Pope Alexander II.
Edward VI - King of England, 1547-53 Elizabeth I, Tudor History,
William the Conqueror (The Duke of Normandy) crowned King of England. image: William the Conqueror Biography
(Alaxandair mac Alaxandair), Son of Alexander II ...
Ben Alexander (actor)
Wars of Alexander the Great
Alexander Anderson (botanist)
Edgar, King of Scotland
King of Scots
(Domnall mac Donnchada) 1093–1097
The reign of Alexander III was notable for three major things. Firstly he was to succeed where his father, Alexander II, had failed in ridding the Western ...
In this medieval manuscript Edward I (center) is flanked by King Alexander of Scotland (left) and Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd of Wales (right).
MK18545 Bannockburn Robert the Bruce.jpg
Cuilén - Image: Culenus, King of Scotland, 966 (crop)
... mac Alaxandair) 1249–1286 Son of Alexander II; 43.
Macbeth, King of Scotland - Macbeth, as depicted by Jacob de Wet II c
Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia (born 1982)
Scone, Scotland - Seal of Scone Abbey, depicting the inauguration of King Alexander III
Alexander Scotland
Scottish Battles, Conflicts and other events
Statue of King Malcolm III, Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Kenneth II of Scotland
Alexander II and his dog Milord 1870 by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky (The Di Rocco Wieler Private Collection, Toronto, Canada)
1685–1688, James II 1633-1701.jpg
Giric mac Dúngail ('Giric mac Rath') - King of the Picts,
Alaxandair also led an expedition to capture a small fort under Sean mac Coengain's control. The records of the battle have been loss but the fort was ...
Donald II (Dòmhnall mac Chòiseim) ...
William Alexander Henry
1649–1651, Charles II of England.jpeg
Constantine I, King of the Picts .Father of Donald II King of the Scots. and Great Grandfather
The Fragmentary Annals of Ireland quote a verse lamenting Kenneth's death: 10. Kenneth left ...
Alexander II Column in Odessa
3,000-Year-Old Piece Of Pottery Unearthed On Okinawa Island, Japan
Slaves In The Aztec Empire Had Much Better Rights Than In Any Other Ancient Society
John Alexander Anderson
Monument to Alexander II (Moscow)
(Máel Coluim mac Eanric) Malcolm, by God's Rule King of the Scots
Large 4,000-Year-Old Sumerian Port Discovered In The Desert In Iraq
Robert Napier Raikes
Alexander Napier
Painting by Mihály Zichy of the coronation of Emperor Alexander II and the Empress Maria Alexandrovna, which took place on 26 August/7 September 1856 at the ...
Victorian interpretation of the Normans' national dress, 1000–1100
Scone, Scotland - Scone mercat cross, today almost all that is left of the. "
1. Charlemagne, King of ...
Kenneth II (Coinneach mac Mhaoil Chaluim) ...
William Forbes Skene - A portrait of the historian by Sir George Reid, c.
Emperor Alexander II and his wife, Empress Maria, with their son, the future Alexander III by Sergei Lvovich Levitsky 1870
'Alexander III being Rescued from the Fury of a Stag by the Intrepidity of Colin Fitzgerald', by Benjamin West.
Graham Alexander
William Alexander, 1st Earl of Stirling
The monument to Alexander II "The Liberator" at the Senate Square in Helsinki was erected in 1894, 13 years after the assassination of Alexander II.
Konrad von Hochstaden - Konrad von Hochstaden
Image(s) Máel Coluim III \'canmore\' (Ca...) Mac Donnchada Rí na h\'Alba
John Alexander MacDonell
Cardinal Beaton (play)
King Alexander Bridge
Thomas of Galloway
David I (left) with the young Malcolm IV (right) depicted on the charter to Kelso Abbey.