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Protesters atop the iconic Wall Street bull March 12
The Fearless Girl statue, a four-foot statue of a young girl, defiantly
The "Fearless Girl" (front) statue stands facing the "Charging Bull"
Protected: During Occupy Wall Street protests police put barricades around the famous bull statue in
Icon: New York's famous bronze bull (pictured) is a mascot for Wall Street
The "Fearless Girl" statue stands facing the "Charging Bull" as people take
The Fearless Girl statue faces down the Charging Bull
Arturo Di Modica, Charging Bull (1989). Photo: Cap'n Surly, via Creative Commons.
'The Fearless Girl' statue stands across from the iconic. '
The Fearless Girl statue is unveiled at its new location in front of the New York
Charging Bull
COMING HOME Occupy Wall Street protesters celebrate being allowed to return to Zuccotti Park after their early-morning eviction on November 15, 2011., ...
Charging Bull outside the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the world's first formal stock exchange.
Canadian activists put out a simple Twitter hashtag: #OccupyWallStreet. After that, 'it just went crazy' - The Globe and Mail
By Peter Coy
Occupy Wall Street
Placards: People representing Occupy Wall Street and other groups hold a march on the Upper
On View
On View · '
The juxtaposition of Fearless Girl and Charging Bull upset some observers, including sculptor Arturo Di Modica, who installed Charging Bull in 1989
Tourists gathering around the Charging Bull
Beginning on September 17, 2011, Zuccotti Park was occupied by protesters.
Occupy Wall Street: Carnival Against Capital? Carnivalesque as Protest Sensibility
Protest: Hundreds gathered on Wall Street today to hit out at financial institutions' involvement. +12
Protesters flood the streets during the Women's March
Statue of Girl Confronts Bull, Captivating Manhattanites and Social Media - The New York Times
Wall Street
Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., joins a rally outside
Stop at the bull sculpture to take some pics in the heart of Wall Street.
Wall Street's Charging Bull artist takes issue with Fearless Girl
'Flood': Many of those protesting wore blue to make a visual statement while. +12. '
Charging Bull is 16 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds. Di Modica spent $360,000 of his own money to make Charging Bull. The statue is technically on ...
Protesters engaging in the 'human microphone'
Cardboard signs: Occupy Wall Street protestors stage a 'Millionaires March' in Manhattan's Upper
It's impossible to visit Wall Street area and not visit the Charging Bull. It's a must see!
Martin Luther King Jr. addresses crowds during the March On Washington at the Lincoln Memorial
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You must be off your trolley: Proposal to derail Hong Kong's iconic trams to ease traffic in Central meets online opposition
Laura ...
I don't know the guy in the pic but he just seemed way to happy with bull testicles in his hand. Upvote12Downvote
Voices: Occupy Wall Street protesters march in front of the Chase Manhattan Bank headquarters
Lucky bull? How the S&P fared under the watchful guide of the Wall Street bull
Helen H. Richardson, Denver Post file
The 'Fearless Girl' statue a fourfoot statue of a young girl defiantly looks up. RF. Wallstreet ...
Millionaires March, Occupy Wall Street, New York, October 11, 2011. Photograph © AFP/Getty Images.
Arab nations toppling autocrats through peaceful protests? 2011 has been a year of massive popular uprisings—on a completely unexpected scale and from ...
Outrage: When the bull was removed, the next morning's New York Post, displayed
"We are the 99%"[edit]
Mask: Protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement march past a Valentino store on East
On the move: Occupy Wall Street demonstrators yesterday began their march towards the homes of
Corporate Zombies walk, Occupy Wall Street, New York, October 3, 2011. Photo: Frank Franklin, © AP. Millionaires March ...
Carnival to Commons: Pussy Riot, Punk Protest, and the Exercise of Democratic Culture
Will the protest movement in Hong Kong be tamed by the jailing of Occupy trio?
The 'Fearless Girl' statue a fourfoot statue of a young girl defiantly looks up
'Occupied': Wall Street protesters participate in a meeting at Zuccotti Park where hundreds. '
'Fearless girl' stares down the iconic Wall Street bull. '
New additioon: Amazed workers saw the bull as they arrived at the offices in 1989
Protesters during the march. George Tames/The New York Times
The March on the. Pentagon: An Oral History
Celebrate MLK Day in New Orleans
Photo/Duncan Brown Napier residents march against the city's water situation this afternoon. Photo/Duncan Brown
Civil Rights Washington March 1963 by Associated Press
“The Spirit of Occupy Wall Street
Protesters And Trump Supporters Gather In D.C. For Donald Trump Inauguration
A tour bus passes the Wall Street bull in the financial district January 22 2007 in
Scuffle: Police arrest marchers from Occupy Wall Street, during a protest near JPMorgan Chase
Charging bull bronze sculpture on Wall street, New York, USA
Merkel, Muslims and immigration: right and left square off on the streets of Berlin in rival protests
Alfred C. M. Chan
Greed: Protesters with Occupy Wall Street and other groups hold a march on the Upper
Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple, speaks during an Apple event at the
Tourists love it. Poice barricades now encircle it. The bronze is worn where many touch it.
Selected Demographic Characteristics of New York City Residents, All Respondents, and Actively Involved Respondents
Protesters shout slogans while holding placards during a late afternoon march through downtown Los Angeles on
Wall street bull in New York City
donald trump german protester overcomb
Getty Images. "
Police ...
Female protesters march on the streets of Manila on Independence Day.
A girl shouts at a protest in Tahrir Square (4 February 2011)
Timeline of Occupy Wall Street
Cat in Bag Productions, Cobo Town, 2010. Courtesy of SeanDrakes.com
Photos of protestors at DNC 2016
Hongkongers watch Mong Kok street artists' deafening, tearful farewell before iconic pedestrian zone closure
Photo of a poster made by
Drew Angerer NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 8: People take photographs of the 'The Fearless Girl' statue as it stands across from the iconic Wall Street charging bull ...
"Fearless Girl" statue sends bold message to Wall Street titans - CBS News