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All my Jeeps before have been WW2 MBs and GPWs. I will definitely asking many questions on the forum as I work on the CJ. Here are a few photos.
Rolled it outside for some photos with the hood and fenders on.
... 10 months, 780 hours in the garage, and a good chunk of my kids inheritance, we're good to go. To view the picture gallery, please click on the link ...
The Willys on his way home for a good restoration!!
I'm wondering if there was a problem with it and somebody removed the shaft to prevent somebody using it. And what type of line should I put in it.
Long story short I bought a lemon . Ha! Ended up rebuilding the whole Jeep including building up one of the new reproduction blocks .
And here's me and my brother and his girlfriend on a joyride through the Swedish countryside this summer. (I'm the photographer) Its a blast to drive!!
I'm heading to pick it up this week! My plow jeep is coming together! More on the plow rig later! Can anyone identify this top?
Currently the T90 is having some issues, I think the syncros are gone, and I need to look into rebuilding it, however the transfer case has been flawlessly ...
Gonna make sure it's mechanically sound and cruise it around with the dog or up in the woods with my dad's and his 49 CJ3A that I rebuilt/restored for him.
I'm looking forward to retiring in a little more than a year. What better way to stay out of trouble & stay busy. I found a 59 3B with a V6 engine ...
it runs and drives now. just wont stop the brake master is junk after the brakes are done its off to paint going back to a modern jeep blue with white top ...
I need something that works better than standard foam or springs. Has anyone used a foam that holds up well but can be somewhat original looking.
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Seats are from a 68 Firebird. And the diamond plate covers a lot of ugly. I've had this thing since 1989 and it's been an ongoing project ever since.
Now, a little foreshadowing...Here it is in the Summer of 2015, up in the Bighorns. This was two weeks after the first time it drove under its own diesel ...
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this is the motor...I believe it is 1975-77 Buick V6
What type of oil, how many quarts, and is all I need to do is change the oil and filter and be on my way. Thanks Ricky
photo DSCN4453_zps83c31110.jpg
The Sears Deluxe top was a big selling point for me! I do like the style of the rollcage, but since it is only mounted to the body, I don't know how ...
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Its in good working order except the parking brake isn't there. It is there, but it isn't hooked up to anything.
I built this jeep for a friend about 5 years ago, time for a repower. Scored a well built 4.3 for it. Got a lot done toady
Not having a matching set of doors and lacking the door handles on the frames what would be my best option?
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This is my 1948 cj2a (serial nr 151445)
The pic below shows what is wired where and what I'm working with.(sorry had to use MS Paint). Also some pics of how it looked when I acquired it.
I have a 1948 willys jeep that has has a slight problem. It sat for about 25 years and after doing a complete restore under the hood it ran amazing.
... add a cj rear seat, I took out the jump seats as I wasn't a fan of those and respray the gold roll bar another color, I'm thinking a silver or red.
Not street legal but... cool for all the jeep wannabees. $15K and up. '
US Forest Service AgriJeep from the early 1940s. | Jeep Fire and Brush Trucks | Jeep, Forest service, Jeep cars
So my pal is giving me free reign to repower his 48 (again). I picked up this well built 4.3 (I did NOT pay this much for it) A question I have ...
For years he used it to spray his fields and ditches with 2-4-D! Parked in my driveway, you could smell the herbicide 4 doors away!
There are lots of leaks on it so may need a gasket job also. What is the highest I should go at a auction without paying more then whats it worth ?? Thanks
Has anyone ever seen a combination like this? We are planning on selling it and are wondering how effective it could be considering how light the Jeep is.
I did not want to bend the column top so I stopped. Any thoughts on what to do??
I got Elmo last year on our way back from playing in Moab. When we went to Moab, Ward, Baja4 on the page, had to leave Moab a couple days before us.
Linda has christened it the "Jeepsy Wagon"
The original color is Michigan yellow, judging from the color under the ID tags in the engine compartment.
You loose about 1/4" of ground clearance but you gain the sliders which keep things from getting bent or the CJ2A from getting hung up on rocks. ...
Thanks to all of the great posts, vast knowledge and generosity of members of this forum.
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The POs of junk CJ-5 frame had some crazy motor mounts fabricated from flat plates. I used those in this mockup.
I've got about an hour and a half's worth of raw footage that I am trying to edit down to just a few of the more interesting moments. Hopefully by tomorrow.
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Finally got a day without rain and was able to give it a little sun!
... if I had anything hanging below it on this obstacle I would have had to have been towed off of it. My bumper hit on the drivers corner just as it is.
... was actually relieved to see they had redesigned the logo for the sidewall. I like SWT much better than SPEEDWAYS. These were manufactured in Jan 2018.
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Does it look like it will get the job done? I have another axle with the steering arm that is cast onto the knuckle....are they better and can just the ...
If you need one send $12.95 to ed.gorski@hotmail.com on PayPal along with your address and I will send it out. I've got a limited number!
When we got to the trail head (actually my other cousin's front yard) to unload ithe temperature was about 12 degrees. When I tried to start Grampa's jeep, ...
... and rear parking lights as well as turn signals and feel it did not detract from the original appearance of the vehicle which was a goal I had in mind.
Now don't go all crazy on the jeep model on me. I started with a well done MB by another gent. I had to learn how to stretch it and modify the ...
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(Thanks to all the posts detailing the process.) Once all zipped-up, the right rotor had much more resistance when turning by hand.
It has a hole for a starter crank and i wonder if this bumper was an add on or did willys have an optional large bumper offered in 47?
This is what it looked like when my brother helped me drag it home on New Years Eve 2000. A 1946 CJ-2A just like the one I had in high school back in 1962.
I have searched, but perhaps my search terms weren't good enough to find it.
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My great grandfather is in the middle with his hand on the combine and my grandfather (alive and kicking at 90) is seated on the tractor.
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I already began to disassemble the jeep prior to taking pictures. The tub is too far gone and I am going to replace the tub with a Mopar repli-tub.
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